Direct1 - Transport express direct
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Direct1 - Transport express direct

Dynamic and growing team, offers its collaboration price defying any competition in the transport field. We are a team of experienced drivers in the transport of goods, the daily round and express parcels.

Our vehicles are new and well maintained. Beyond our professionalism, your goods are insured against any damage. We deliver in time and hours, your order is always a priority.

For quality service, our rates are simple and less expensive. The lowest prices, because our service is at the forefront of technology, you can send an order by phone or directly online is simple and fast.

Thanks to satellite positioning, the nearest driver is warned in the minutes and proceed with the removal of your package as soon as possible. At any moment your package is followed by satellite and can be redirected to other routes to avoid traffic jams and other delays on the route to your destination.

Save time and fuel economy, we can now offer you the lowest prices on the market.

Direct1 - Transport express directDirect1 - Transport express direct

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Direct1 - Transport express direct
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